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Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

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  • Model: CUP
  • Brand: Proman
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Product Introduction


    Our production of CFDP-4 servo automatic filling and sealing machine, due to it has different specifications filling method, applicable to any different viscosity beverage, can package dry foodstuff, like peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, seeds, etc., and can fill paste products, like jelly, milk, ice cream, butter, jam , fruit juices and mineral water, and seal the corresponding composite membrane material. According to customer’s requirement ,it can be installed hot code printer to print production date, lot number.

One Design features:

1Our product has beautiful style ,bright and clean appearance .Entire machine is made of stainless steel ,meeting the food hygiene requirements.

2It adopts servo motor ,pneumatic transmission with fully functions .It applies full-automatic method for container supplyfillingsealingcuttingproduct outputwaste rewinding .It can save manpowermaterial resources and reduce costs ,improve the competitiveness of the product.

3Efficient .This machine can fillsealcut on multiple containers simultaneously.

4This machine has photoelectric eye device to tract and fix the location of the sealing film automatically and ensures the position of the sealing pattern accuracy.

5Double sealing device ,twice hot seal ,tight seal ,the quality is absolutely reliable.

6The machine adopts automatic positioning system to cut and seal .It can automatically correct the stepper and chain transmission errors brought mold stop bit bias, so that the cup edges and sealing film cutting edge spacing evenly, sealing more reliable, and improve the product quality

7The machine is dual-purpose models that can produce roll film and aluminum sheet. Template adopts nail guide tube to make aluminum sheet in the automatic process precisely falling into the cup.

8The PLC control system ,it has touch-screen interface, controlling more reliable, easier to use

9Model diagram is shown as below:


Detailed Images

Cup Filling and Sealing Machine2

Technical Data

Model CFDP-4
Capacity(500ML)                         4000BPH                                                              
Suitable Bottle CUP
Weight 1400kg
Main Motor Power 3.5kw
Packaging & Shipping

Wooden packaging and PE Film packed


After-sales Service

1. Machine Production In Time

2. 7 days one week online for customer service

3. 24 Hours spare parts sent by DHL

4. Engineer Provided to customer factory to installation and training.

Company Information

Zhangjiagang PROMAN Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery in China Since 1998,For almost 20years machine experience  It is located in Zhangjiagang City very closed to Shanghai with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.


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