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Code Sprayer

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  • Model: VIDEOJET
  • Brand: Proman
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Product Introduction

S9 series is a printer of the highest integration degree and smallest volume, which is a leader of top technology with easy and stable operation. Various models of different characters are customized for needs in different lines and display rate.

Main features:

1. High efficiency

1) Two lines of changeable information can be printed.

2) Speed of printing can reach 4.4m/sec.

3) Printing of various kinds of information.

4) Optional characters.

5) Different height of characters: 5, 7, 9, 11 and 16.

2. Touch screen operation

1) Touch screen button for on and off.

2) Fixed operation screen, with figure-key for different purposes, which is easy to handle.

3) Small volume.

4) S7 sigma is smaller than any printers in the market.

5) Height: 512mm Length: 215mm Width: 236mm

3. Adaptability

1) Replaceable interface-box contains all connection parts for installation, making it easy for printers to move among lines.

4. Reliable performance

5. Simple operation

1) Module-design and automatic controlled program allow easy operation and maintenance of S7 sigma

2) Two types of ink-box are applicable to the demand of different production.

6. Elaborate design

1) Application of high technology enhances sustainability.

2) Module is made of anti-corrosion epoxy-resin, and aluminum coated in surface.

3) Highly reliable electron board of SMC technology.

Main technical parameters:

1. Function

1) Single nozzle can spray two lines of information.

2) Height of characters (1.8mm)  (2.5mm)  (3.2mm)  (3.9mm)  (5.8mm).

3) Many languages: Latin, Arabia, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

4) Production date, future date or best-before date, time, shifts and automatic counting (2 calculators).

5) Bar codes: 2/5 code 39 code.

6) Automatic start and off

7) Interface operation: 128×32 LCD screen menu key and LED indicator light.

8) Manual keyboard: 240×128 LCD screen WYSIWYG information display and drop down menu.

9) More than 99 pieces of information are in store.

10) Interface of Many languages: More than 20 languages are optional such as English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

2. Ink system

1) Self checker and conk out test.

2) Automatic ink-chroma control and ink-line speed control system.

3) Self-clean.

4) Nozzles are automatically gotten through.

5) Ink and addictive are sealed in the packed box. ( 0.42 liter or 0.8 liter).

3. Machine specification

1) Weight: 8.3 kilograms.

2) Temperature rang of working environment: 5 to 45.

3) Elevation of spraying heads and machine body: 1.5 meters/+2meters.

4) Humidity: 10% to 90% no frozen.

5) Voltage: 110V (+/-20%), 220 (+/-20%), can be changed automatically.

6) Power: 50VA, frequency ranges from 45 Hz to 65 Hz.

7) Safeguard grade:IP54

4. Complete sets of accessories

5. Protective device on plus-pressure nozzles photocell sensor synchronizer defect alarmer spray-head and frame bridge.

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Technical Data

Model videojet
Capacity(500ML)                         12000BPH                                                              
Voltage  220
Suitable Bottle Plastic Bottle,Can,Glass Bottle
Main Motor Power 1.2kw
Packaging & Shipping

Wooden packaging and PE Film packed


After-sales Service

1. Machine Production In Time

2. 7 days one week online for customer service

3. 24 Hours spare parts sent by DHL

4. Engineer Provided to customer factory to installation and training.

Company Information

Zhangjiagang PROMAN Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery in China Since 1998,For almost 20years machine experience  It is located in Zhangjiagang City very closed to Shanghai with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.


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