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Unique PET bottle design has become a new trend for soft drink PET bottle

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Proman filling machine recently ushered in a number of customers who have been looking at the design of the PET bottle while selecting the water filling machine, which is consistent with the idea of the Proman. Proman machine is not only a production of the company, it focused that the customers also have requirements for filling bottles. So it unique idea is that buying the filling machine provides filling bottle design to meet the requirements of customers.


The African clients who came here were not only interested in the water filling machine, but also interested in the different kinds of bottles. Customers want to have their own unique filling bottles and labels. They discuss together with us to share the current industry trend of the filling machine market. A lot of customers are not only satisfied with the demand for filling machine, also very embarrassing to choose water bottles. We discussed that the current customers want beverage production line, combined with the current sales people. Africa customers summed up all the demand for beverage filling, design and research unique bottles to adapt our filling machine and consumer groups. African customers also pay great attention to copyright. They want to add the logo of their own brand while designing bottles and labels, which can protect us from copyright. This is important.

The idea of designing a bottle is not a fad that a trend has been in vogue for several years. Most of the customers have their own filling machine, then choose the manufacturer of beverage bottle later. This greatly increased the cost, and proman machine help customers to solve problems. We can directly in the purchase of filling machine determining their filling bottles at the same time. It is also convenient for the majority of customers.


Proman machine provides professional beverage filling machine, also provides a unique design of PET bottle.