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Two sets of filling machines are sent to Yemen and Ghana

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Two sets of filling machines are sent to Yemen and Ghana

With the hard work of the workers, we delivered the filling machines ordered by customers in Yemen and Ghana on time. With the increase of orders, the construction period is getting tighter and the workers are getting more and more busy, but they are not shoddy. They adhere to the principle of quality and quantity, and carry out the manufacture and installation of the machine in an orderly manner. Make sure that every machine that goes out is of high quality.

Summer is coming, people in the northern hemisphere have increased demand for beverages, and the factory that manufactures beverages has ushered in a busy season. Welcome everyone to consult our company about filling machines, telephones, and mail.

Our hot products is 10000Bph Water Filling Machine. CGF series bottle water filling machine water filling machine line is used to filling mineral water or purified water into PET bottle from 200ml-2000ml. Glass bottle can also used. It just need to change the conveyor parts. Different models can satisfy various requirement of output from 2000B/H to 24000B/H. The whole process is automatic ,suitable for PET bottle ,plastic bottle filling mineral water and pure water.