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Troubleshooting Inconsistency on Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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Whenever you are filling to a level or filling by volume, inconsistency in the packaging process can result into headaches for a packager. Inconsistency when filling to a specific level can affect the way a product looks on the shelf thereby taking away the benefit of aesthetic appeal which is provided by overflow filling machines. A volume which is not consistent can make some consumers feel cheated or even punishments for those in an industry where a specific volume is required. While there are several causes of inconsistency when using an automatic filler, several kinds of inconsistency can be corrected via an easy fix. Below are some causes of inconsistent fills in filling industry.

 1. Machinery Is Not Levelled

So as to function appropriately, every piece of packaging machine must sit on a level on the production floor and liquid fillers are not different. Most of the designs would allow adjustments with simple levelling legs which can be used for raising or lowering the machine as at when necessary. You should check the level and also adjust the machine with the aid of the legs as necessary. Once level, run a test cycle with bottles under the fill heads so as to see if the issue has been corrected.

2. Pump Duration or Fill Times Are Off

On fill-to-level systems, product will normally overflow out of the bottles and back to a holding tank. The pump must remain on long enough so as to allow liquid to overflow in each of the individual bottles so as to achieve the level fill. A short pump duration may mean not all bottles are reaching the desired level. Moreover, the operator can perform a visual inspection during a fill cycle so as to ensure the entire containers are reaching the level and the overflow takes place. If not, you can add some time to the pump duration so as to solve the overflow problem. The operator should also check if the fill-to-level system so as to ensure that overflow tubes are not submerged in liquid which can create back pressure and cause havoc with fill levels.

For volumetric fillers, each individual fill head may be timed separately. This may imply that the nozzle may open for a specific amount of time or that a certain time is set for a pump. You should however know that inconsistent fill on a volumetric filler does not implies that the level will vary within the bottles. Rather, it means that various level of product is being dispensed into different bottles. The operators must check the volume of completed fills so as to determine if the volume is not consistent so as to adjust where necessary.

Product Pathway Connections

The automatic bottle fillers will pull product from a bulk tank or other supply, with some using a holding tank to supply product to the bottles. The product will still travel via some pathway, through tubes and cylinders so as to reach the containers. Operators of packaging machinery experiencing varying fill levels on overflow fillers or varying amounts on volumetric fillers must check the pathway of the product if there is any leakage. The operator may not necessarily see product seeping from any of the connections. Loose clamps or tubes may also allow small amount of air to enter the pathway thereby creating the inconsistent fill. It is however crucial to check and also tighten all the connections on the machine and run a test cycle so as to see if the issue has been resolved.