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Proman reveals new flexible packing solution for fruit juice

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The juice market is booming globally, especially when they are produced naturally, without the use of preservatives, added water or sugar. One of Israel pineapples suppliers said that they have exported pineapples to many countries.With the development of juice market,they produced  bottle fresh juice on a medium scale and sell them locally at first. The goal is to maximize profitability of all harvested fruits, not just the 5-10 calibers.

  Not only in Israel,other countries have different kinds of fruit.They have face the same problem:how to maximize the fruits valve. They all need juice filling machine, even more. Proman Machinery has high quality fruit juice filling machine, we can provide juice filling production line as your need. We exported a lot of machines to overseas countries.

  Our bottle juice filling machine is used to filling Hot juice into PET bottle from 200ml-2000ml.Glass bottle can also used. It just need to change the conveyor parts.Different models can satisfy various requirement of output from 2000B/H to 24000B/H.

  The whole process is automatic ,suitable for PET bottle ,plastic bottle filling High temp juice or middle temp juice Filling way using the gravity or micro pressure filling ,make the speed faster and more stable,so compared with the same model our machine output is higher and more efficient.


The machine adopts advanced Siemens programmable controller(PLC) to control the machine adopts advanced automatically, interworking with inverter with inverter running more stable and reliable the photoelectric sensor detect all part running state with high degree of automation, easyoperation.