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Proman Machinery provides the supply support of raw material to customers

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We have just sent a batch of raw materials for PET bottle production to Gambia this week. Gambia customers are old customers who have maintained good cooperative relations with us. Customers in Gambia ordered a whole water filling production line from our company a few months ago and now the machines and equipment in their factory are working very well. We have also been maintaining stable communication. This time, the customer had a demand for raw materials , and contacted us immediately. Based on the good cooperation before, we quickly confirmed the details. The customer directly agreed to this cooperation.


Improving customer satisfaction with our products has always been our goal. As long as our customers have relevant needs, we will help them solve their problems in the first time. Therefore, many of our customers are also very satisfied with our after-sales service after ordering our machines for the first time. We will continue to cooperate with us later.


First of all, we have been constantly improving the quality of our machines, which is the first step to make customers trust us. Only with high-quality machines can we ensure 100% execution of customers' orders and subsequent communication.


Secondly, on the basis of ensuring the delivery date, we can also contact our after-sales engineers in the first time to help customers with on-site machine installation and debugging. After-sales service is also what we need to do.


Finally, we will follow up with our customers and timely understand their demands, even if they are not satisfied with our products or services. Only when we have a deep understanding of what customers are thinking, can we move quickly to provide customers with solutions in a timely manner and increase the stickiness between customers and our quality inspection.


Proman Machinery, a professional beverage filling equipment for customers to provide a one-stop solution. If you have any questions, as long as you contact us, we will help you solve the needs!