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Proman machine took 20 days to complete his promise to African customers

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The customers of Togo in Africa have asked to complete the delivery of the pure water production line within 20 days. From receiving orders to shipping, Proman Machine promised to be able to do so in 20 days.


Description of the main features of bottled purified water production line.

Main features:

1. The bottled pure water production line equipment adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane, with high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost.

2. Automatic preprocessing system is adopted to realize the unmanned operation.

3. Adopt special pump industry booster pump, high efficiency and low noise, stable and reliable.

4. On-line water quality monitoring and control of the production equipment of bottled water purification production line, monitoring water quality changes in real time, and ensuring the safety of water quality.

5. Automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use.

6. Tailored to the local water quality, fully meet the needs.

The bottled pure water product line closes the air leakage protection switch and turns on the emergency stop switch. The power indicator on the panel is on, indicating that the machine is connected to the power supply, and the PLC is electrified. Place the "selector switch" in the "automatic" position, press the "start switch" button, control the ac contactor of the drive motor to suck, and the machine starts to work. Free when inserted into the empty bottle bottle, and presses the empty bottle detection switch (wash by washing bottle entrance OuDeKong bottle detection switch out) washing bottle drive motor is up and running, through the chain and bottle, with empty bottles into the washing disinfection station.


Typical process flow of pure water filling line.

Reservoir-booster pump-multi-media filter-activated carbon-reverse osmosis system -ultrafiltration or fine filtering-ozone or ultraviolet sterilization-fine filtration-filling production line.

In the process of preparing pure water, bacteria and other superstandard problems are often encountered in the process of preparing water. In the water of drum, green algae often appear, which can affect the taste. The ultrafiltration membrane is not properly maintained, and the inner wall will be blocked by some black material, resulting in the decrease of water flow and not working properly. When the whole system is polluted, the original good water quality deteriorates and cannot even be produced.


Pure water filling production line sterilization plan.

1. Add chlorine dioxide or other antiseptic agents to kill bacteria and algae in the raw water by preventing the metabolism of bacteria and algae.

2, after sterilization, raw water by the mesh filter, bacterium and algae using ultrafiltration membrane to remove the body directly, and repeatedly back flush, removes pollutants pressure washing and so on, to ensure that the ultrafiltration membrane surface no bacterium and algae breeding.

3, raw water by the ultrafiltration membrane in addition to bacteria and algae, and most of the colloid and suspended solids, water purification into activated carbon adsorption odor, activated carbon can play the biggest role, otherwise the bacteria in raw water, colloid, such as directly into the activated carbon, will make its surface pore blockage and soon lose function, even cause the entire pure water filling production line to produce water is unqualified.