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Proman Exported Bottle Blowing Machines to Yemen

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Proman caught the tail of September and finished an order from Yemen – the ordered machine was fully automatic bottle blowing machine.

Proman exported bottle blowing machines to Yemen

Today, most of manufacturers of beverage filling industry prefer to use Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for their needs. This is because the market has realized PET’s advantages over its competitors, what with it being more flexible, durable and reliable, qualities which justify PET bottle blowing machines’ (in round PET bottle blowing machines and square PET bottle blowing machines varieties) 60% share of the market.


Still, the bottle making industry would have no use of their product if there was no one to buy it, which is why other industries that act as clients to this industry are so important in making it grow. And among all the industries that find a use for plastic bottles, like the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & personal care, household to name a few, none provide a greater customer base than the food and beverage industry.



When it comes to the bottle blowing industry, there’s a market for it in all the major continents of the world, a finger in every pie. It is also interesting to note that the market is larger in the area dense with population, like China, the largest importer of plastic bottles, which makes sense since these are the places with the biggest number of customers.


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