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Our company still produces machines normally in hot weather

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Since July 7th, our country has entered the Slight Heat. The 23rd of this month is China's Great Heat, the hottest day of the year. But our factory workers are still working overtime in order to complete the production of the beverage equipment.


The solar term is "dog days". It is the time of year when the sun shines the most and the temperature is the highest. In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river north of south China, such as the Soviet union, Zhejiang province, Jiangxi province and other areas are in a hot and rainy season.

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Although many foreign customers are on holiday now, the previous orders still need to be pressed for production. Most customers require the production of a complete water filling line, and the relevant machinery and equipment must be ready. In order to ensure that the second half of the customers to come to detect waterline production situation, and the reserved time debugging and modification, and estimate the delivery time, our workers are also in hard work, in order to take the time to produce our machine in the hot weather.


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