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Liquid Filling Machines and Automation Levels

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Automatic filling machines are usually the best when large-scale production is concerned. As powerhouses of production, they can easily carry a large number of bottles from bulk storage with their characteristic conveyors. These machines, however, require larger floor space and greater cost of maintenance than the regular manual or semi-automatic filling machines.


Container: What type will you fill?

This is dependent on the type of material the container is made of. It may be made of plastic, glass, or aluminum. Each of these materials has its filling technique unique to them and knowing this will help the particular filling machine to be purchased.

The Shape?

The type of machine to use for filling also depends on the shape of the container. For instance, some automatic bottle fillers fill bottles by grabbing it from the top. In a situation where your container has a cap that is not standard, this kind of machine will not do the job effectively.


If you desire to get the job done quickly, then the most efficient machines are best. But in the case of smaller businesses, they may cut cost and go for machines less efficient.

Fill-By Type: Do you need to fill by level or by volume?

Before you carry out your operation, you must first decide if you will be filling by level or volume. Then you can decide which machine will be best suitable for the operation. To know which machine to use, you must take into consideration the type of liquid you are using and also how the final presentation of the filled bottle.

Liquid-level filling machines are more concentrated on the level to which the liquid should be. They do not take into consideration the volume of each bottle. In so doing, all the bottles are given a unique appearance which makes it attractive to consumers. 

On the other hand, volumetric filling machines give a uniform volume of liquid to each bottle. It is so precise that even a change in the shape or volume of the liquids does not affect its performance.


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Types of Liquid Filling Machines and Automation Levels


These are machines are used by companies whose production demands are low or who do not have enough space for packaging the equipment. These machines are usually fitted on a table for easy, accurate, and consistent filling. This machine requires the operator to arrange the bottles, activate the fill, and also remove them when they are completely filled.


This type of bottle filler is not relegated only to tabletop machines as they are also available from liquid packaging solutions. As the name suggests, these machines are built on the same frames as fully automatic machines. Although it requires the presence of the operator, these machines give more room for automation than tabletop bottle fillers.


These are machines that are used by companies have greater production demands. The filling principles are the same as that of the others. A set up is usually performed by the operators of these machines before production commences. Once this is done, all the operator does is monitor the system so as to make sure it is working appropriately.

Important facts to ask when considering manufacturers

•          Ability to customize

•          Ability to make designs that shows the stages from filling to labeling and every other detail in between

•          The process used for review and approval

•          Installation process

•          Warranty terms

•          On-site support