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Labelling machines were shipped to Fiji

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Recently, our labeling machine has been successfully delivered.This is the first time for Fijian customers to come to our company to purchase machines, mainly for the production and processing of other filling equipment in their factory. After the machine arrives, we will contact with the customer in time, get to know the customer's use of the machine in the first time, and conduct remote guidance. We can help our customers solve their doubts in time and improve their satisfaction with us.


Our company provides customers with water, juice, beer and other filling equipment as well as labelling machine, set label machine and other supporting machines. Among them, our company has the best sales volume of water filling equipment, and customers are also full of praise for the quality and service of our filling machine. There may be customers who do not trust our machines for the first time, but we also warmly welcome customers to purchase related supporting machines. I believe that after a cooperation, you can have more confidence in the Proman beverage filling equipment and continue to choose to cooperate with us.


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