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How to Start a Water Bottling Plant

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Good news! One of our clients extended their factory for setting water filling machines bought from Proman. We sincerely hope more and more clients to expand the manufacturing of many selections of different bottled waters. But how to start a water bottling plant?

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Thinking of getting in to the bottled water business? Then you might just be about to hit the jackpot. In 2017 alone, 391 billion liters of bottled water were consumed across the globe. The bottled water industry has a truly impressive growth rate, with the industry expected to be worth an estimated 300 billion dollars by 2021. No wonder all the big brand names in the beverage industry (Coca-cola, Pepsi, Schweppes) are branching in to bottled water production. Before you get all excited and dive in to establishing a mineral water bottling water, below are some steps we strongly recommend you consider taking.

Market research

This is an absolute must, not only for starting a water bottling plant, but for every business venture. A proper market research will give you a better view of the entire production process, potential customers and suppliers, as well as projected profit margins. A market research and business plan are indispensable, as they provide a roadmap for every stage of the plant setup, and aid in strategic decision making.

Legal obligations

Before proceeding to set up a water bottling plant, you must inform the government through dedicated channels of your intention. Depending on the regulations of the country in which you intend to setup your water bottling plant, you will probably need to contact the governmental organ in charge of formation of companies. Given that water is a consumable, you will also most likely need some sort of permission from a health and safety board. The next legal obligation you will have to meet a quality certification (ISO).

Sourcing of machines, equipment and inputs

Now that you have had an understanding of your market and obtained the necessary legal documents to enable you go in to operation, the next step will be to buy all the equipments needed to setup the plant. You will need high pressure air compressors, a water source and a bottle supplier amongst other things. To make your plant more environmentally friendly, you should consider sourcing biodegradable bottling options.

water bottling factory

Hiring of employees

Every water bottling plant needs employees to keep the production line going. Employees will vary from office employees (management, accountant), to janitors and those operating the machineries. Given that the world is now going fully digital, you will also need to hire webmaster and social media accounts manager. Those working directly with the water bottling process will have to have a hygiene and safety qualification. A law firm on retainer is also very important. You will probably need to hire a human resource manager to help you with hiring.

Marketing and distribution

Like every other form of  profitable venture, a water bottling plant should be able to generate profits for its owners. To do this, there will have to be the development and execution of a well thought out marketing and distribution plan. Should everything go well, you might very well be the next water bottling guru. Best of luck!

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