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Carbonated drink filling machine is a machine that is used to fill all types of carbonated drinks, soft drinks, soda, beverages in both glass and pet bottles. The machine consists of a Carbonator, two head filler, and a capper.

Carbonated drink filling machine is a packaging machine used to package all kinds of beverage drinks. They have three levels of automation – the automatic, semi-automatic and the fully automatic filling machines. With the advancement in technology, more attention is paid on the fully automatic filling machine as it helps to reduce the amount of domestic labor.

Carbonated drink filling machines are classified into three based on their filling pressure. These are - ordinary pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine and overpressure filling machine.

· Ordinary pressure liquid filling machine – This machine uses the principle of gravity-flowing filling, which depends on the weight of the liquid. It is mostly used for filling milk and grape wine.

· Vacuum filling machine – This machine depends on the atmospheric pressure. It is used for filling when the pressure of the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The vacuum filling machine is used to fill liquids with high viscosity such as fruit wine, oil, and syrup.

· Overpressure filling machine – This machine works when the pressure of the liquid is greater than the atmospheric pressure. The pressure difference makes it possible to fill bottles with mineral water, soda, soft drinks, and other carbonated beverages. The liquid flows into the glass or pet bottles due to the pressure difference between the pressure of the liquid reservoir and that of the bottle.

The filing of the bottles is often carried out under CO2 controlled atmosphere. This is to ensure that the quality of the beverage is retained. The principle of using overpressure allows the filling of carbonated drinks without the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the beverages.

The general working principle of carbonated drink filling machine

After pressurizing the bottle the liquid is released through a tube into a measuring cylinder. Then the drink is drained into bottles in an accurate pre-measured volume along the walls of the bottle. Air is extracted from the bottle with an air tube positioned outside of the tank space. The volume of filling liquid is defined by adjusting the height of the piston of the filling valve.

The carbonated drink filling machine is an overpressure filling machine and it is equipment that works on the principle of full automation.