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Filling machine equipment sent to Thailand today

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Filling machine equipment sent to Thailand today

A few months ago, our salesman invited the customer from Thailand to visit our factory. After seeing our machines, we successfully reached a cooperation. We arranged the production immediately after received the deposit. After confirming the bottle size and the details of the cap with the customer, we ensure that everything is adjusted to meet the customer's requirements, we arranged the delivery today.

Our filling machines are widely used for bottling water, carbonated drink, juice. It contains washing, filling and capping procedure.Suitable for PET bottle, PE bottle and glass bottle size from 200ml to 2L.

The main body of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel. This machine is equipped with high-precision filling nozzles, PLC variable signal control, ensuring high filling accuracy and stable and stable filling. Without the bottle, the filling will be stopped automatically and the alarm will prompt the bottling. If there is no bottle cap, the cap will be stopped.