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Establishment of New Partnership Between Egyptian Customers and PROMAN

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Nearly Chinese New Year, in this busy period, we have welcomed Egyptian customers to visit and reached cooperation. Egypt is geographically located in North Africa, and its political division belongs to the Middle East. Cooperation with Egyptian customers means that we have made new progress in both North Africa and the Middle East markets.

 juice filling machine

This customer has been in China for a month, and they have visited many of their peers'factories. Finally, they bought the juice production line with us. For the first time, we have established a cooperative relationship with them. They are satisfied with the quality and service of our products. Our engineers give them professional operation training. At the same time, our engineers also made detailed adjustments to the installation and commissioning. If customers have any problems,he can contact us by email at any time.


The juice fulling machine purchased by the customer is one of our company's main products. This machine is our high-volume product. Only by replacing some accessories can glass bottles be used as well. The whole process is automatic.Because of the filling method of gravity or micro-pressure, all the speeds are faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with the same model, our machine output is higher and more efficient. The machine is controlled by advanced Siemens programmable controller (PLC). The machine adopts advanced automation and interworking with frequency converter. It runs more stably and reliably. The photoelectric sensor detects the running state of each part with high automation and simple operation.


We will provide the first-class product and service for you when you come for a long cooperation.