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Customers from South Sudan Came to Purchase Water Filling Machines

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This week, our South Sudanese customers came to visit our factory and placed an order of  bottle water production line machines.


Bottle water production line contains water purify system, injection molding machine, blowing molding machine, water filling machine, labeling machine, coding machine and shrink wrapping machine. Water filling machine is the basic equipment which is used to filling mineral water or purified water into bottle. The whole process is automatic, suitable for PET bottle, plastic bottle filling mineral water and pure water.

Filling way using the gravity or micro pressure filling ,make the speed faster and more stable, so compared with the same model our machine output is higher and more efficient. The machine adopts advanced Siemens programmable controller(PLC) to control the machine adopts advanced automatically, inter working with inverter running more stable and reliable the photoelectric sensor detect all part running state with high degree of automation, easy operation. After continuous technical innovation, the quality of our machines keep improving and the operation is very stable.


The South Sudanese customers are new customers and they trust in the quality of our products. Also, we are committed to providing our customers with better water filling machines and good service.

We will focus on communicating with customers to ensure stable production output and quality delivery to meet customer's requirements on time. After delivery we offer on-site installation and commissioning services. Our professional engineers will ensure machines performance well and provide good after-sale service.


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