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32 Filling Heads Pure Water Filling Machine Be sent to Mongolia

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December is the peak season for production and delivery in our factory. This week, we completed the production of 32 filling head pure water filling machine, which were successfully packed and sent to Mongolia. Mongolian customers and we have had many negotiations before, this time also successfully carried out our water filling machine cooperation. Welcome to visit again when you have time!

water filling machine

CGF series bottled water filling machine, water bottling machine line is used to filling mineral water or purified water into PET bottle from 200ml-2000ml.

pure water filling machine

Glass bottle can also used. It just need to change the conveyor parts.
Different models can satisfy various requirement of output from 2000B/H to 24000B/H.
The whole process is automatic ,suitable for PET bottle ,plastic bottle filling mineral water and pure water.
Filling way using the gravity or micro pressure filling ,make the speed faster and more stable,so compared with the same model our machine output is higher and more efficient.
The machine adopts advanced Siemens programmable controller(PLC) to control the machine adopts advanced automatically, interworking with inverter with inverter running more stable and reliable the photoelectric sensor detect all part running state with high degree of automation, easyoperation.


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