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【2021 November 19】The 5 gallon filling machine has completed the test. Welcome to see it.

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The 5 gallon filling machine has completed the test This week. Welcome to see it.

The QGF series of bottled water filling line is designed for 3 gallon,5 gallon barrels of drinking water.The model will be cleaned by filling and sealing.This is a good choice for the production of mineral water,prue water equipment.The machine adopts high quality stainless steel,corrosion resistance,easy to clean.The main electrical components are SIEMENS,OMRON,and related parts.The machine has a good structure,small footprint,stable performance,high production efficiency,high degree of automation,is a collection of machine,electricity,gas in one of the new drinking water tank equipment.

Features of Our 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

1. QGF type auto barreled water production line is specially used in 3 gallon5 gallon barreled water producing.

2. The complete line has washer\filler\capper three function in one body, it is the ideal equipment for pure water, mineral water.

3. Total line is made by SUS304.

4. The main electric parts use Japanese Mitsubishi, Omron and so on.

5. The air pressure system adopts Taiwan Airtac brand product.

6. This machine has features as compact structure, low floor area, high efficiency.5 Gallon barreled production line is popular in South American.