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【2021 March 4】The 4,000 bph water filling line has been fully connected and tested in the factory

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The 4,000 bottles per hour water filling line has been fully connected and tested in the factory. This line is equipped with a fully automatic sleeve labeling machine and a fully automatic film wrapping machine, which can greatly save labor. 

Our label machine uses an electric eye induction feeding, with the spring tension control system, ensure the film conveying stability. The use of large screen man-machine interface design, more close to the human nature of machanical operation. Drive system using precision gear design, stable transmission speed, up to the label length + 1mm tolerance requirements.

This automatic PE film shrink wrapping machine is used in the combination package of mineral water, beverage, beer, liquor, infusion bottle and so on. This machine imported European PLC program automatic control, stable performance, precise control. The thin film conveying is controlled by inductive switch, which can regulated the length of film and reduce the loss. The imported motor frequency conversion control, stepless scheduling.

This batch of equipment will soon be packaged and shipped to the country where the customer is located.