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【2021 June 10】The installation and commissioning of the glass bottle juice line was completed.

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The power of the filling machine of the glass bottle filling production line is transmitted by gears through the transmission system in the frame. The support bearing is a large flat toothed ball bearing, which runs smoothly and reliably. The bearing part is equipped with multiple reliable waterproof structures such as sealing ring and waterproof ring, which can effectively prevent water on the table from penetrating into the bearing. The equipment mainly includes glass bottle washing components, filling components, aluminum cap sealing components and conveyor chains, and cap sorting machines. During the juice filling process, the glass bottle is supported by the bottom support structure and lifted up to the compression filling valve. The filling valve is pushed upward from the glass bottle mouth, and the juice starts under the action of gravity and negative pressure. Filling. The specially designed glass bottle support structure makes the glass bottle not easy to break during the filling process. Even if the glass bottle is broken, it will not affect the operation of the whole machine. The filling component and cap sealing component structure of this filling machine are specially designed to be suitable for bottles of different calibers and heights. It is an integrated washing, filling and sealing machine developed by our company for the hot filling of glass bottle juice.