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【2021 August 27】semi-auto 4 cavity bottle blow molding machine finish testing, will send to customer in Nigeria

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We have completed the test of the Semi automatic 4 cavity bottle blowing machine scheduled by Nigeria customers at this week.

 Semi automatic 4 cavity bottle blowing machine produced by PROMAN Beverage Machinery has the following functiongs:

1. Controlled by MITSUBISHI touch screen computer. Operate consistently and simply.
2. Pneumatic elements from FESTO (German) and SMC (Japan)
3. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. Mechanical units are compact and rational.
4. Malfunction alert and diagnostic units allow easy maintenance.
5. Suitable for manufacturing a variety of PET bottles: mineral water bottles, edible oil bottles, soda bottles, medicine bottle, cosmetics bottles etc..
6. Oven can be made according the different preform requirements of customers.

We have a professional team of engineers who owned many installation, debug and training experiences abroad, are available to service machinery overseas.