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Because of the beautiful appearance and unique performance of label printing, especially its ability to provide moisture-proof, waterproof, gas-proof and other protective properties for the packaged products, heat shrinkable film label printing is widely used in flexible packaging such as food, medicine, tobacco, and wine. At the same time, it is also widely used in the production of various trademarks, labels, clothing, curtains and other gauze, holographic anti-counterfeiting and other special effect materials.

Features of label printing:

BOPET aluminized film label printing: adopts high vacuum evaporation technology, has bright gloss, has good barrier properties to ultraviolet rays, water vapor and oxygen, and has excellent adaptability and freedom in processing after printing and compounding.

BOPET color aluminized film label printing: It is produced by an imported coating machine, with uniform color and aluminized layer, and has good barrier properties to ultraviolet rays, water vapor and oxygen.

BOPP aluminized film: good light-proof performance, high tensile strength, and good stiffness.

CPP aluminized film: has excellent adhesion and low heat sealing temperature, high heat sealing strength.

PVC aluminized film and sheet: good light-proof performance, good printing flatness, and strong aluminized fastness.