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【2021 April 16】The new model CGF 8-8-3 has been produced, and customers are welcome to consult

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CGF 8-8-3 Non-carbonated Water Filling Machines apply to the production of mineral water, purified water, flavor water and low alcoholic drinks, etc. 

1. The machine concept of the CGF series was specifically designed for bottling in a hygienic environment; 
2. Thanks to the free-standing transfer star wheels, there are much less exterior surfaces on the fillers than on conventional systems; 
3. This innovative design has also the effect of the machine being very easily accessible for maintenance purposes and that it can be expanded at any time without conversion, for example with an additional cap feeder; 
4. The Siemens PLC system offers the ideal solution for conductive non-carbonated fill products, as the fill quantity is measured precisely by an inductive flow meter; 
5.  All filling process steps can be programmed easily and individually - adjusted to the product to be filled and to the container. 
6. With all variants of the CGF series for non-carbonated products, the containers are conveyed through the machine by means of neck-handling. This, as well as fill quantity determination via inductive flow meter (IDM) guarantee high flexibility and short change-over times; 
7. Depending on the pitch circle, a central or a tubular ring bowl is employed; 
8. Product feed pipes connect the product tank with the filling valves. In each connecting pipe, there is an inductive flow meter which measures the quantity of the product flowing through the pipes via the product's conductivity;  
9. The filling process begins after centering of the container and is effected by the free-jet method; 
10. In order to be able to cope with the different bottles and products to be filled, one or two filling speeds are available. Non-carbonated beverages are filled pressure less in multi-chamber operation; 
11. Once the preprogrammed amount of liquid has flown into the container, a flow meter signal will trigger closing of the valve; 
12. The fill parameters and programs are stored in the controller making quick change-over via touch-screen.