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【2020 June 24】Best-selling water treatment equipment worldwide

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Best-selling water treatment equipment worldwide

The methods of water treatment include physical treatment and chemical treatment.
The physical method includes the use of various filter materials with different pore sizes, and the impurities in the water are excluded by adsorption or blocking. The most important adsorption method is adsorption by activated carbon, and the blocking method is to pass water through the filter material to make the volume. Larger impurities cannot pass, resulting in cleaner water. 

The chemical method uses various chemicals to convert impurities in water into substances that are less harmful to the human body, or concentrates impurities. After the impurities in the water are collected, the volume becomes larger, and the impurities can be removed by filtration.

The process of water treatment is:

Raw water→ raw water tank→  raw water pump→ quartz sand filter → active carbon filter→ water softener (sodium ion exchanger:optional) →  security filter →  high pressure pump→  reverse osmosis→  pure water tank →  UV sterilizer (ozone generation)→  precision filter →  water supply points