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【2020 January 13】Automatic blow molding machine sent to Tanzania

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Automatic blow molding machine sent to Tanzania

Recently, many customers have consulted us on how to maintain the bottle blowing machine, let's share some tips.

  1. Preheating: The preform is irradiated by an infrared high temperature lamp to heat and soften the body part of preform. In order to maintain the shape of the bottleneck, the preformneck does not need to be heated, so we need a certain cooling device to cool it.

  2. Blow molding: In this stage, the pre-heated preform is placed in the ready-made blow mold, high-pressure inflation is carried out in it, and the preform is blown and formed. The automatic bottle blowing machine connects the two movements of the bottle through the manipulator, eliminating the need to manually put the preheated preform into the blowing mold, and greatly speeding up the production rate.