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【2020 December 17】The production of the 5-gallon preform injection molding machine ordered by the customer from Dominica is completed

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The production of the 5-gallon preform injection molding machine ordered by the customer from Dominica is completed.

This preform injection molding machine adopts T-slot pressing plate design, the mold is easy to fix, the plate has enough thickness to ensure the mold is closed tightly, improve the quality of product molding, and extend the service life of the mold. This machine adopts a high-rigidity five-axis linkage mechanism, which improves the rigidity and accuracy of the clamping. The oil-containing joint bushing increases the life of the clamping parts and reduces the consumption of lubricating oil.


Servo energy saving injection molding machine output power changes with the loading changing. There's no extra waste of power. The motor doesn't work while cooling, electricity consumption is 0. As compared with the tradition injection molding machine, the servo machine can save electricity 20%-80% that brings you excellent profit.

-Excellent energy saving

As compared with the traditional fixed pump injection molding machine, it saves energy 20%-80% under the same working condition.

-Excellent injection molding stability

The pressure and flow of servo drive system applies closed-loop control, as compared with the traditional injection molding machine, it greatly increases repeatability precision of injection molding.

-Fast response

Fast response servo drive, the start time faster than that of the traditional injection molding machine by 50%.

-Environmental friendly

he complete machine runs under low noisy, low speed operation and quite.

-Constant oil temperature

The servo motor output hydraulic oil according to proportion to avoid extra heat. Even the hydraulic oil need not to be cooled to realize excellent water saving.