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15000 BPH Carbonated Drinking Filling Machine Has Completed with Two Months

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Our carbonated soft drink filling machine has produced 12000BPH at most before, but now our filling line of 1500BPH can also be successfully produced and completed before the delivery date of customers. We think this is a direction for improvement.


Our carbonated juice filling line is used to filling Carbonated Drink into PET bottle from 200ml-2000ml. Glass bottle can also informs. It just need to change the conveyor with parts.


Different models can satisfy various requirements of output from 2000B/H to 24000B/H.


The whole process is automatic,suitable for PET bottle,plastic bottle filling Carbonated Drink

filling way using the Low Vacuum pressure Filling,make the speed faster and more gas in bottle,so compared with the same model our machine output is higher and more efficient.


beverage filling machine design advanced Siemens bid controller(PLC) to control The machine design advanced automatically, Inter working with inverter running more stable and reliable the photoelectric sensor detect all part running state with high degree of automation, easy operation.


Proman machinery has always maintained a professional spirit of craftsmanship for the filling machine, committed to meeting customer needs and ensuring the delivery of customer orders. Welcome to the factory!