Straight line Color film shrink packing machine to Brazil

Straight line Color film shrink packing machine to Brazil

Jun 21, 2022

This week, the straight-line Color film shrink packing machine filled with containers will be transported from Shanghai port to Brazil.

This machine is used in the combination package of mineral water, beverage, beer, liquor, infusion bottle and so on. The packing is not needed.
1 imported European PLC program automatic control, stable performance, precise control.
2 fully automatic function of automatic feeding, sizing, shrinking and cooling.
3 thin film conveying is controlled by inductive switch, which can regulate the length of film and reduce the loss
4 imported motor frequency conversion control, stepless scheduling.
5 advanced spiral circulation structure, three layers of insulation treatment, energy conservation.
6 enhanced cooling channel, the product can be quickly finalized, easy storage and transportation.

Our main products have:  Water filling production line water treatment system, juice filling production  , carbonated dninks production line Oidetergent iquid filling line and also 5Gallon botile filling  production line, and all other auxiliary equipments.

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